Værdi fra Viden


Udtalelser fra kunder: 

Hanne Damgaard Jensen, former CEO, Azanta A/S:

“Azanta is a company operating within the specialty pharma business providing innovative medical solutions to patients. Since refining our focus to re-formulation and repositioning, we have identified a great need to optimize our return on innovation through protection of our intellectual property.

Our organization is structured with a lean and flexible in-house team supplemented with in-sourced expert capabilities.

Jakob, in his capacity as a highly skilled, innovative and bright person, has fulfilled our needs for a Patent Attorney that proactively has been and is continuously succeeding in securing our IP portfolio.

His ability to think out-of-the-box and adapt to and engage in each unique case to optimize value for us as the client makes our collaboration very rewarding. This supports us in our business model that value creation can thrive through in-sourced expertise. It is my pleasure to give Jakob my highest recommendations.”

Peter Wulff, medstifter af NeuroSearch A/S, tidligere President & CEO, Bavarian Nordic A/S:

“Jakob har etableret en virksomhed, VALUA, med et prisværdigt og for små virksomheder meget værdifuldt forretningskoncept. Med VALUA’s lave overhead og Jakobs ekspertise har Jakob skabt basis for at omkostningerne ikke bliver prohibitive for små virksomheder at patentere deres juveler med assistance af en ekspert.”